Scholarships for High School Seniors in Tampa Bay area of Florida

About the Sunshine
Opportunity Scholarships

The Sunshine Opportunity Scholarships offered by the Godbold Foundation are intended to help high-achieving students with financial need to afford to pay for college. The scholarship is awarded to up to 10 students per year and is worth $20,000 over four years of undergraduate studies at a public university in Florida.

About the
Godbold Foundation

The Godbold Foundation in Tierra Verde, FL was established by Francis “Bo” S. Godbold in 1997. Most of the funding provided by the foundation is for college scholarships, which helped more than 150 students attend Georgia Tech or public universities in Florida.

About the Founder – Francis “Bo” S. Godbold

The Godbold Foundation was established in 1997 by Francis S. “Bo” Godbold as a way for him and his family to help aspiring college students who have personal stories similar to his. Orphaned at 13, Godbold grew up with limited financial resources. He was an outstanding student in high school, but he knew that paying for college would be difficult and likely impossible if he wanted to attend his out-of-state “dream” school, Georgia Tech. Then came a serendipitous phone call: Georgia Tech was offering him a four-year academic scholarship. Godbold accepted the offer, attended Tech and graduated with honors. That scholarship money helped to transform his life. He did not take its impact for granted. He vowed to “pay it forward” when
he could.

Therefore, most of the funding provided by the Godbold Foundation is for college scholarships. The foundation has helped more than 150 students attend either Georgia Tech or public universities in Florida, where the foundation is located. Those scholarships have been rewarding for both the students and the Godbold family. The Sunshine Opportunity Scholarships, established in 2019, are a way for the foundation to continue these life-changing endeavors.